Thursday, October 29, 2009

northern lodge hotel: sg petani

continued from the previous2 entry, so ni nak citer bout northern lodge hotel..

northern lodge is the 1st hotel that i stay during my visit in sungai petani.. if u wanna reach this hotel, u got to use the sungai petani selatan toll exit from the plus hiway.. actually, from the toll, u can see the park avenue hotel.. depan sket, u can see the sign boards to this northern lodge hotel.. before reaching this hotel, u will meet the emerald puteri sg petani first, as this northern lodge is ke dalam sket dari main road tu..

northern lodge is the park avenue's sister hotel.. anak kepada park avenue yang mahal tu.. northern lodge aim for the budget-er visitors or the backpackers.. worth for a family stay yang in quite tight budget to visit sungai petani..

if you're using the bas ekspress, which will head up to alor star, the bus will definitely drop you near the central square there (if i'm not mistaken-lah).. they won't leave you at the real bus macam pity sket sebab to go anywhere, u have to have either friends take you to the destination, or naik taxi@kete sapu.. if u lucky enuf, u will get nice-hearted pakcik taxi yang tak mengganggu ur mood for your vacation la..

the fare from the point the bus dropped me to the northern lodge is rm 8 (single-way)..

picture taken from (tak sempat nak amik gamba sendiri la..hoho..)

the main door of this hotel is berhadapan dengan parkson grand.. i am too lazy to walk, so i didn't even step out of the hotel room..ahaha..

there are 4 types of room available for stay and the rates:

1. 2 single beds no window (rm 60)

2. 2 single beds with window (rm 65)

3. 3 single beds no window (rm 65)

4. 3 single beds with window (rm 70)

the deposit will be another amount of the room rate..

i have chosen the type 2 room and here i stay..

2 katil single..

ada tv (astro-equipped, tapi the reception is not clear..better tak tengok tv la..), ada wi-fi (where i took my next-day time to facebook-ing), ada heater-shower jugak.. the toilet room besar (lebih kurang 1/3 of the room la, bersih n selesa, walaupun the water pipe is not so best, ikut mood dia kot kalau nak best..macam nak tembak2 orang la..huhu..) the air-cond bising sket n off sendiri kot bila cam sejuk bunyik air-cond on n off everytime sangat tak best sebab tak quite..

the view of tv, table, chairs, cupboard n air-cond..

for this hotel, i stayed in the 1st floor, room number a119.. after checked-in, tetibe plak ade 3 staffs dok luar my room to fix the wi-fi system, so uncomfortable..

for the security, ada guard jaga down-stairs n round2 kat luar bilik like once-an-hour kot.. so, tak berapa risau sangat la..

the reception? diorang okey2 jer.. kadang2 tak amik pot sangat sape yang lalu lalang kot.. sumtime slow sket (reaction), but somehow, still ok la for a lone-ranger traveller like me..

the next day, the reception asked whether i want to extend my stay there or not..but i decided to check out to experience another hotel.. during checked-out, i got back my deposit of rm 65..

another notes about dis hotel:

hotel name: northern lodge sungai petani

address: c90, lorong 9, taman sejati indah, 08000 sungai petani, kedah

tel: 04-431 2323

fax: 04-431 2000

continue my another day of vacation to meet one of my colleague in the other side of sungai petani plak..


zamri said...

I am amazed by your review. For the amount paid is pretty much worth. Now there is a cool restaurant Big Mouth Republic infront of the Parkson

gigi lawa said...


ahaaa.. just writing tru experience. way much better if we can share what we gone through for the benefit of others too..

dis place maybe less strategic coz kat south kot. i prefer in the north.

but anyway, thanks for the compliment. maybe gonna drop by that restaurant in the future kalau datang sungai petani lagi.

tengs.. ^_^